Welcome to Cigar Informer! Cigar Informer is your source for quality cigar reviews, news, lifestyle articles and more. We are a group of avid cigar enthusiasts who love the entire experience cigar smoking provides. We are not owned by any cigar manufacturer or distributor, and all of the cigars we review are purchased by Cigar Informer and our managing reviewers, meaning our views in the articles and reviews we provide are not slanted, skewed, influenced or bought. It is the mission of Cigar Informer to provide quality reviews on cigars, drinks, and accessories as well as news and articles related to the cigar industry and cigar lifestyle.

We are in the beginning stages of launching our website, but expect to have our first batch of cigar and store reviews, lifestyle articles and more published within the coming weeks. In the meantime be sure to check us out daily as we publish our daily cigar deals, where we look around the web for some of the best deals on cigars and accessories. We thank you for being here, and hope to become a daily staple in your cigar loving life!

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