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Cigar Deals – 18 August 2018

The weekend is upon us my friends, and we hope you are relaxing, coffee and cigar in hand this Saturday morning, planning your day of fun and excitement. Well there's some deals on the net today, weekend specials, flash sales, new clearance sales and other great deals...

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Deal Alert: CLE Cuarenta Fifty

Deal Alert! This just came in to our inbox! Get the CLE Cuarenta Fifty 10 packs for only $30.42 shipped to your door! This bold, well-balanced cigar hails from the same factory responsible for the 94-rated Camacho brand. Packed full of Honduran long leaves and masked...

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Cigar Deals – 17 August 2018

The National brand tenski bonanza is in effect at Cigar Page, this time with a freebie jar of PG Crystal Gel Humidification Beads on orders of $49+ - choose from over 99 national brand 10 packs, starting as low as $13.80 shipped to your door - choose from ACID, Arturo...

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The Dollar Shave Club

Whether your man or woman we all have to deal with the fact that our bodies grow hair, hair where we want it, hair where we don't want it - and the major personal hygiene companies of the world have capitalized on this fact - I mean come on, shaving razors are a...

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Cigar Informer Contributors Wanted

Cigar Informer is looking for individuals that self identify as cigar enthusiasts to join our panel of contributors to write for the Cigar Informer website. Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name on the by line of a popular article headline? Are you a cigar...

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Cigar Review: Eiroa The First 20 Years

This is a cigar that we would classify as a top shelf smoke, and is something you want to keep around for when a good smoke is desired that not only tastes and smokes great, but is a pleasure to be in company of as well. While the price point of the stick might turn some smokers in the opposite direction, we would encourage you to give these Eiroa cigars a try. Fully impressed with this offering, we can tell that the makers of this cigar have a history in the business.

Cigar Review: Petrus Oscuro Gordo

Cigar Review: Petrus Oscuro Gordo

This is one of those cigars that you throw in the humidor for when you have buddies over that don’t know a good smoke from a horrible smoke – it looks great, smells great and to a less experienced smoker it might even taste great to them. Now don’t get me wrong, the flavors in the cigar were good, however they didn’t mix well, didn’t transition well. This might be a good smoke for those days your running the mower and don’t really care what you’re smoking, because its definitely better than a gas station cigar, but just not one that I would keep in my rotation.

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Review: Rocky Patel Dark Dominion

Review: Rocky Patel Dark Dominion

I would put this a second shelf cigar – while the appearance and construction of the cigar meet the standards I would expect from a Rocky Patel the overall flavor and body of the cigar don’t match my expectations of a Maduro. Don’t get me wrong, the cigar is a pleasurable smoke and I enjoyed smoking it – it’s not something I would classify as a celebration or special occasion cigar, nor would I put it as a low as an everyday smoker. If you are looking for a medium bodied cigar that has a tendency towards spice, then this is right for you. I’m anxious to see what some time in the humidor will do to this particular stick because I think it has more potential given the time to rest and age properly. In the end, you can’t go wrong adding a box of these to your humidor for the occasional smoke.

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