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Cigar Informer is your source for quality cigar reviews, news, lifestyle articles, and more. We are a group of avid cigar enthusiasts who love the entire experience cigar-smoking provides. We are not owned by any cigar manufacturer or distributor, and all of the cigars we review are either purchased by Cigar Informer or donated to us and our managing reviewers. We do not allow cigar manufacturers to pay us for reviews, meaning our views in the articles and reviews we provide are not slanted, skewed, influenced, or bought.

It is the mission of Cigar Informer to provide quality reviews on cigars, drinks, and accessories as well as news and articles related to the cigar industry and cigar lifestyle.

How We Rate Cigars

Cigar Informer uses a 100 point scale for our cigar rating system. This system was last updated November 2022. The 100 points are divided between four main categories, these being as follows;


Appearance & Construction

Worth 20 Points

We evaluate the appearance and construction of the cigar, from pulling it out of the wrapper through the entire smoking experience, making notes of feel of the cigar, how it feels in the hand, its roll, the texture of the wrapper, whether there are soft spots or bulges, how it cuts and burns, and if there are any construction issues during the burn.

Flavor & Aroma

Worth 45 Points

We evaluate the flavors and aroma of the cigar, from the pre-light aroma from the tobacco and the pre-light flavors from the pre-light draw, to the beginning, continuing and ending flavor profiles of the smoke. We take note of the aroma of the smoke during smoking and the room essence it creates.

Smoking Characteristics

Worth 20 Points

We evaluate the characteristics of the cigar including lighting the cigar, the draw of the cigar, the smoke produced from the cigar, the texture of the smoke and the balance of the cigar and its flavor profiles throughout the smoking experience.

Overall Impression

Worth 15 Points

This evaluation takes all aspects of the smoking experience into account and is the overall impression made by the cigar on the reviewer. From the construction quality to the way in which the flavor profiles build and change to the amount of smoke produced.

Upon completion of a review, the total score is calculated by taking the points earned from each category and adding them together and then dividing this score by the 100 total points possible. This provides a numerical score and a letter score to the review. Cigar Informer reviews will feature the letter grade in the final notes of a review and the numerical score overall.

How We Rate Retailers

Retailers which we evaluate are judged on many criteria, including the ease of use of the website, selection of cigars available for purchase, the pricing of cigars available for purchase, how fast shipping is provided, how well cigars are packaged for shipping and the overall condition of cigars when delivered.

Retailer ratings will be based on a star system, with 5 stars being a grade of excellent. Each category of grading will be worth up to 5 stars and the overall grade will be tallied by adding the total stars earned divided by the total stars possible.

It is important to note that retailers cannot request, purchase, or otherwise ask for a review from Cigar Informer – our reviews are provided based on our personal ordering experience with each retailer, and in order to keep these reviews completely honest we do not entertain requests from retailers.

How We Rate Wines

Cigar Informer uses a 20 point scale for our wine rating system. These 20 points are divided between seven different categories, including Appearance (2 points), Aroma (4 points), Balance (3 points), Body (2 points), Flavor (4 points), Finish (2 points) and Overall Quality (3 points). Upon completion of a wine review, the total score is calculated by adding all the points earned from each category. Scores in the 18-20 point range are considered Outstanding and receive the Cigar Informer Gold Seal. Scores in the 15-17 point range are considered Excellent and receive the Cigar Informer Silver Seal. Scores in the 11-14 point range are considered Very Good and receive the Cigar Informer Bronze Seal. Scores in the 8-10 range are considered Good and receive a Cigar Informer seal of approval, and any wine receiving a score of less than 8 is considered unacceptable.


Disclaimer: Some of the links to online retailers provided within Cigar Informer articles and reviews may be affiliate links. Cigar Informer participates in affiliate programs with several online retailers – the purpose of which is to help support this website and provide funds for cigar and accessory purchases for review. While we do participate in affiliate marketing programs, these programs in no way influence the reviews provided by Cigar Informer, and participation in a specific retailer affiliate program does not mean Cigar Informer endorses or supports said retailer.


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