Retailer Review: Cigar Page

Cigar Page is an online retailer based out of Pennsylvania which was founded by the original creators of Cigars International. The mission of Cigar Page is to see if they can overcome the new challenges in the world of cigar retailing that were not present during the time Cigars International was first created. They have a no-nonsense approach to providing great cigar deals and are breaking the rules when it comes to things like minimum advertised price restrictions from retailers. They claim that they are going to be creative, and find ways to discount premium cigars to benefit you the consumer.

Our personal experience with Cigar Page has been great, ever since we first stumbled upon them by accident back in 2016. So, let’s take a look at what is arguably one of the newest cigar retailers on the web today, and see how they stack up.


The Cigar Page website is simple, but effective – when we first found Cigar Page they were simply a one-page operation, which highlighted the deals of the day and that was the end of it – we have been able to watch however as they have transformed into a full-fledged eCommerce retailer, with multiple products and the ability to search and view more than what the current deal was.

Their website is well designed, has large links and easy to navigate menus, the products feature nice professional images and the product names and prices are large and legible. They offer an online chat if you need help as well as convenient links to subscribe to their mailing list to receive news and secret deals.

A big plus of Cigar Page is that their website is completely responsive, meaning that viewing on a mobile device or tablet gives you the same quality experience as if you were viewing on your desktop. Overall, Cigar Page is one of the easiest websites we have used to date when shopping for premium cigars and we applaud them for designing a modern, easy to use and navigate site which is also cross device friendly.

Website Score: 5/5 Stars


Cigar Selection

The selection of cigars at Cigar Page has been expanding over the last year, going from a handful of cigar brands to now serving over 100 different manufacturers with up to 20 different blends from each, making for a pretty respectable cigar selection.

That being said, don’t expect to find the newest brands and blends on Cigar Page because you won’t find them. I don’t know if it is due to the fact that Cigar Page is a newer retailer, or the way in which they source their cigars, but finding new releases is not usually an option at Cigar Page, which honestly surprises us considering the founders come from the retail giant Cigars International. We would have thought having clout like that would have given Cigar Page a pretty serious advantage over a truly brand-new retailer with no relations in the industry.

That said, we have had the occasion to find some pretty interesting cigars at Cigar Page that we either have never seen with another retailer, or at least not a retailer located in the U.S. and we like trying new and hard to find blends (it makes us feel special), such as the Petrus Oscuro that before coming to Cigar Page we had only found on European retailer sites (a review is soon to follow). Additionally, Cigar Page is host to a slew of well known brands and blends of super premium cigars that would be respected in anyone’s humidor.

With the prices available through Cigar Page we seriously hope that they find a way to begin offering new release cigars in the near future, and while they have an impressive selection of cigars currently available, it pales in comparison to other retailers.

Cigar Selection Score: 4/5 Stars



Cigar Page has had some of the absolute best prices we have seen for premium cigars in the entire industry, many times being priced lower than even other online retailer’s sale prices! We cannot stress enough how impressed we have been with the pricing of cigars through Cigar Page. It has been a rare occurrence that we have found a retailer which beats Cigar Page prices, and when we have, those other retailers are generally offering a clearance sale or other promotion.

In addition to having the best prices on cigars we have seen, Cigar Page also ships every order free – and we’re not talking your average first class delivery – Cigar Page ships every order by priority delivery, and they ship it for free – most online retailers will only ship for free if you meet a certain spending quota, or if you buy a certain item, but you won’t find any such restrictions on Cigar Page.

And to make Cigar Page even greater, they a rewards program that everyone which purchases through them is automatically enrolled in which gives you points for every purchase you make. And they take the guess work out of knowing how many points you will earn because every listing tells you – currently points are awarded on a one point for every one dollar spent structure, however some specials will earn you 10x points!

With amazing prices, free shipping and a stellar rewards program, Cigar Page leads the pack.

Pricing Score: 5/5 Stars


Shipping and Cigar Condition

As previously stated, Cigar Page ships all orders for free and via priority shipping – which automatically gives them a bump in the shipping scoring – but what about cigar condition?

The cigars that we have received from Cigar Page have been some of the best condition cigars we have ever received from an online retailer. You can tell that the folks at Cigar Page are experienced in cigar care and maintenance and you can tell that they care about the condition of the cigars they mail to you. Shipments are always in sturdy cardboard boxes, with plenty of packaging material in the box to cushion the cigars during shipment.

Considering the priority delivery of cigars, we have never received cigars that were dry, and frankly every shipment we have received from Cigar Page has been ready to smoke out of the box, should you decide. We still like to give all our cigars a good resting period in the humidor before we smoke them, but with Cigar Page, if you’re buying cigars for an occasion or event, you can rest assured that upon arrival they will be ready to light up and enjoy.

Shipping & Condition Score: 5/5 Stars


Customer Service

Cigar Page is fast on communication and you get the feeling that they actually care about you when you do communicate with them. We have personally only had to contact Cigar Page on one occasion and it wasn’t even a complaint. They responded to our email within about an hour on a business day.

Outside of that, Cigar Page provides prompt email notifications of orders and shipments, and they are consistent with providing a daily email on new deals and offers on the page.

Customer Service Score: 5/5 Stars



Overall, Cigar Page is currently our favorite online retailer to purchase cigars and accessories from. They have a decent selection of cigars which has been consistently expanding, they have the best prices we have seen across the web, and they provide exceptional products. If you haven’t experienced Cigar Page for yourself you don’t know what you are missing. We took a change a couple years ago on a retailer we had never heard of, and they quickly became our go to source for premium cigars – and we think you might feel the same way. If Cigar Page could get on board with new release cigars they would probably be the first and only online retailer to receive 5 stars across the board from us.


Overall Score: 4.8/5 Stars