Retailer Review: Cigar Place
6 April 2022

Cigar Place History

Cigar Place is an online cigar retailer based out of Florida, USA and its origins started with Julian Gomez in 2005. Julian began as a one-man show going door to door selling cigars to small tobacco shops in Miami. In a short period of time, business grew considerably, and Julian looked for ways to expand even more. He began selling cigars not only to businesses but direct to consumers after setting up an eBay shop and holding inventory in his bedroom. Not long after Julian realized that having his own website would give him more control over his sales. He applied for a bunch of credit cards, incurred a ton of debt and thus was born. Since then, Julian has hustled his way to where the company is today.

Our experience with Cigar Place started back in 2018 when we saw an online ad for their “5 Pack Feeding Frenzy” deals and decided to check them out. Since then, our experience with Cigar Place has been excellent, from the very first order to the most recent. It is not surprising that they have over 35,000 5-star review on their website. Below you will find our honest opinion about Cigar Place, including our review of their website, cigar selection, pricing, shipping and cigar condition, and customer service.

The Website

Cigar Place has a very modern looking, easy to navigate, easy to read website. Performance of the website is amazingly fast, even on mobile devices, which is a huge factor. Additionally, the site is completely responsive in design, so whether you’re shopping on your phone during a lunch break, your tablet during your trek home, or your laptop from the comfort of your den, the site is still amazing.

One of the nice features of the website is that all of the new arrivals are listed on the home page in the first section, and you can scroll through to see what hot new blend is available. Also, the notification bell in the navigation menu brings up a flyout on the right of the window that show all the new items and sales currently available. Having these features makes looking for new and on sale sticks very quick and effective. No more clicking through multiple links to get to the sales page, or paging through fifteen screens of items.

Based on their incredible design, use of responsive formats, and great website features, Cigar Place gets 5 stars for the website review.

Website Score: 5/5 Stars

Cigar Selection

Cigar selection is incredible with Cigar Place, all the top major manufacturers and brands can be found in their selection, even some brands that I haven’t previously heard of, and considering I am looking at, smoking, or reading about cigars every single day, that is incredible. If you’re looking something new to try, Cigar Place is the perfect starting point for your search. Recently we picked up a couple samplers of some cigars we had never heard of before and are looking forward to reviewing them here on the site in the coming weeks.

The cigar selection continues to grow, it seems like every week you can find new selections available in the new arrivals section. Keeping a constant fresh introduction of items is important with any business, and Cigar Place wins in this respect.

One of the things that Cigar Place does is create their own sampler packs, things different then all the other sites or the samplers that come premade by the distributors. This gives the customer a unique ability to try different cigars that from other retailers you would have to buy multiple samplers or packs from to get that comparison.

Overall, Cigar Place has an impeccable selection of cigars, from the classic staples in everyone’s humidor, to the new and exciting blends just hitting the market, and therefore Cigar Place scores 5 stars for cigar selection.

Cigar Selection: 5/5 Stars

The Pricing

Pricing is a huge factor in our shopping for cigars, I mean let’s be honest, everyone wants the best deal possible, and often we will look at five to seven different websites before making a purchase, just to ensure that we get the best deal possible. Cigar Place wins big in the price department! To give an example, we’re big fans of the CAO Consigliere here are CI, and when we did a price comparison on a box of 20 CAO Consigliere Associate, Cigar Place won the deal at only $102/box – we compared them to five other top online cigar shops (Cigars Intl’, JR Cigars, Best Cigar Prices, Thompson, Famous Smoke), and the next lowest price was $118 at Famous Smoke, everyone else was up there at $120/box (or more).

In addition to already great everyday prices, Cigar Place has a huge selection of sales and clearance items constantly running on the site. They offer free shipping on a ton of items, honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever paid for shipping from Cigar Place because the number of items that qualify for free shipping is so vast that its hard to not buy one! They also run freebie Friday’s where you get a freebie item for a $75 order, and come on, free stuff is always awesome.

Overall, between the amazing everyday prices, beating out the other top retailers and the incredible savings between sales, clearance and free shipping items, Cigar Place scores 5 stars for pricing!

Pricing: 5/5 Stars

Shipping & Cigar Condition

So, as already noted above, Cigar Place offers a ton of items which qualify for free shipping, and we’ve never personally had to pay for shipping on any of our orders. Out of curiosity we added an order to our cart that didn’t qualify for free shipping and the costs for shipping out a box of cigars was $8 or UPS Ground service or $10 for USPS Priority Mail – even with the shipping cost, the box of cigars was cheaper than the other retails without shipping costs. Of course, by adding a cheap $6.75 single cigar from the clearance section to our order, it qualified for free shipping!

Shipping from Cigar Place is always top notch – the cigars are packaged with care, always in boxes (we had a retailer mail us cigars in a poly bag mailer before, crazy!), and the boxes are filled with packing protection to make sure that the cigars reach your mailbox unharmed. We have never received damaged cigars in any of our Cigar Place shipments, but if we had, Cigar Place would make it right.

Cigar Place has their “2 Cigar Guarantee”, so basically, after smoking two cigars, if you are not happy with the quality or condition of the cigars, they will provide a full refund or exchange, including shipping costs! That’s standing behind your product and service! Our latest order, as previously mentioned, was for a couple of sampler packs, and each pack was made up with its own humidification pack – the cigars came out the shipping box ready to smoke.

Finally, Cigar Place ships fast – if you order by 2PM Eastern, your order will ship same day, and if you’re past 2PM, next day shipping. Can’t complain about that (we’ve had other retailers where the items didn’t ship for four to five days after placing the order!).

With their impeccable shipping policies, attention to proper shipping packaging, and their commitment to delivering perfect cigars, Cigar Place scores 5 stars for shipping and cigar condition.

Shipping & Cigar Condition: 5/5 Stars

Customer Service

Cigar Place says in their communications that they have the best customer service in the industry, and we’ve experienced that firsthand every time we order from them. Order and shipping notifications are always fast and professional, they offer email and phone support in case you have any questions or problems, and you can even reach out to them via social media.

We had a question about an item awhile back, and when we emailed their customer service, we had an answer back in less than an hour. That’s pretty good for any business responding to customer inquiry emails. Cigar Place also has a great newsletter that includes awesome notifications about deals, sales, and new products, that is designed exceptionally well and is a pleasure to read.

For prompt notifications and replies to our inquires, the availability of multiple points of contact, and for friendly, professional service, Cigar Place scores 5 stars for customer service.

Customer Service: 5/5 Stars


Overall, Cigar Place is one of the best cigar retailers on the internet today. Between an incredible selection of cigars, consistent additions of new items, exceptional pricing and outstanding shipping and customer service, you can’t go wrong with Cigar Place. We look forward to using Cigar Place as a supplier to our cigar addiction for years to come, and we encourage anyone that hasn’t already experienced Cigar Place to give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

Visit Cigar Place online at

Overall Score: 5/5 Stars

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