Whether your man or woman we all have to deal with the fact that our bodies grow hair, hair where we want it, hair where we don’t want it – and the major personal hygiene companies of the world have capitalized on this fact – I mean come on, shaving razors are a necessity, a staple of the bathroom as much as toilet paper and soap are – we use these things, daily (well, most of us), at least if we don’t want to look like a woolly mammoth we do! And the hygiene product manufacturers know you’re going to use razors and so they gouge us on the prices – take a walk down any shaving isle in any major store and look at the prices, triple blade razor refills $10 for a 4 pack, 5 blade razor refills $8 for 2 blades, are you kidding me – look at how much you spend on razor blades every month and you might surprise yourself!

Get our best razor and our world-famous Shave Butter in your 1st box. Then get more of those great products (and anything else you want) in future Restock Boxes.Well, welcome Dollar Shave Club – a fresh way to take care of your shaving needs that will actually save you money too – I recently became a member of the club and decided to go with the executive razor – we’re talking a 6 blade razor, with a trimming blade, a premium, well constructed handle, delivered to my mailbox every 4 weeks – and I only pay $9 a month – not to mention that my intro kit was only $5 – came with the handle, my first months worth of blades and a bottle of the Dr. Carvers Shave Butter (see it over to the left) – all for only $5. Now, I can’t even go to the store and pick up a two pack of refill blades for $5 much less get a new razor kit, 4 weeks worth of blades and a bottle of shave butter! And the greatest part, is that every 4 weeks I will get my months worth of blades for only $9 – that’s the all in price, blades, shipping, everything is $9 a month.

Don’t need blades shipped every month? That’s no problem, because with Dollar Shave Club you can actually set your preferences to every other month, every three months, twice a year – whenever you want, and you can pause shipments for up to 3 months at a time – and the best part, there’s no commitments, so you can cancel when ever you want, no cancellation fees, and to like icing on an amazing cake, Dollar Shave Club offers a 100% money back gaurentee so if you’re not happy, they’ll give you all your money back. So let’s review, you get quality razors at a fraction of the cost of the store, they ship them straight to your door, you can choose when to receive your razors, cancel whenever you want and get all your money back if the razors don’t meet your standards – sounds like a win, win, win to me!

M-4X-1Don’t want a 6 bladed razor, that’s fine, Dollar Shave Club offers a four blade version as well (the 4X), you still get 4 refill blades per month in your shipment, and its only $6 per month, with free shipping of course (its the one to the right >> pretty nice huh?). The 4X is also known as the Lover’s Blade because the 4X was designed to satisfy the harshest critics of both genders, so you can share your razor subscription (but not your razor blades) with someone you care about. It’s equally good for the face, legs, armpits, or anything else.

Shaving razors aren’t the only awesome thing you’ll find at Dollar Shave Club – shave butter, shave lather, post shave cream, beard softening oil and many other shaving products are available and you can choose to add these items to your regular shipments, or add them to your shipments as needed! But that’s not all, need shower products, Dollar Shave Club has you covered with their Wanderer line of body cleansers, soap bars, facial cleansers, shampoo and conditioner. With many other products including hair care and styling, skin care, oral care and even an alternative to toilet paper, Dollar Shave Club carries all of your personal hygiene needs, all available to receive in convenient auto shipments right to your house! Could this get any better?

So I’ve officially been a member of the Dollar Shave Club for two weeks now and I already love it, the razors are quality, stainless steel, the handle on the executive is weighty, solid and easy to handle while shaving, it just feels of quality, and here in a couple weeks when I’m ready to toss that fourth blade from my starter set, a new pack of blade refills will be waiting for me at my mailbox. Dollar Shave Club gives you everything you need to look your best at a price that trumps the major brands hands down – combine this with a flexible shipping schedule, no commitments and a money back gaurentee and this is why we love Dollar Shave Club! Get with the club today by visiting Dollar Shave Club – click here now and get started for only $1.00

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