Retailer Review: Best Cigar Prices – 5/5 Stars
4 December 2018

So lets start with some background and a quick history lesson. Best Cigar Prices is an online retailer based out of Pennsylvania which was originally founded way back in 1996 in Stone Ridge, NY from trunk of the founders car (seriously)! It was in 1999 that Best Cigar Prices had their first print catalog and website launched. In 2001 they got their first exclusive cigar, the Perdomo Oba Oba and expanded to a new location. By 2008 Best Cigar Prices had experienced growth at a rate requiring expansion to a larger facility that included a humidor warehouse, shipping conveyor and a loading dock! Just a few short years later in 2011 and they had to move again, this time to a facility five times larger located in Drums, PA, complete with dedicated departments for order fulfillment, customer service, marketing and more – they had hit the big time! From that point they have continued to grow, forming valuable relationships with tobacco growers and factories, increasing the amount of exclusive offerings, expanding and improving their website and social media presence and opening a physical retail location.

Our personal experience with Best Cigar Prices has been outstanding despite our recent discovery of them. Some long time loyalists to Best Cigar Prices might think we’ve been living under a stone to never have heard of BCP until just last year, but hey, it’s better late than never! So lets take a look at what is one of the best online cigar retailers in the industry and see how they stack up.


The Best Cigar Prices website is a simple, easy to navigate and easy to use site which doesn’t kill you with giant marketing gimmicks or fluff – it’s to the point, with the home featuring their current deals and then flowing right into shortcuts to shop by brand, view the sales, best sellers, top rated and so forth. The thing we like about the BCP website the most is that it’s fast – you can click a link or perform a search and you’re quickly right where you want to be.

The site itself, from a design aspect, is clean, navigation is simple and the site is mobile compliant making it easy to use on the go to take advantage of those new deals when you’re away from home. There is an online chat, contact information is readily available and you can even download the current catalog. They have a good blog with relevant content that cigar smokers would enjoy and they take just about every payment method on the market today.

Overall, Best Cigar Prices is one of the easiest websites we have used to date when shopping for premium cigars and we applaud them for designing a modern, easy to use and navigate site which is also cross device friendly, free from clutter, fast and which features so many ways to contact them directly should the need arise.

Website Score: 5/5 Stars

Cigar Selection

Best Cigar Prices has a selection of cigars which rivals some of the biggest names in the online market (you know who we talkin’ about) and the collection of exclusive cigars is outstanding. If you’re looking for top shelf, they got you covered – need a middle of the road afternoon smoke, they got you covered – need something cheap for those yard work days, they got you covered!

In addition to having a gigantic selection, Best Cigar Prices is crazy with combos, freebies, and little extras that just blow your mind – all those years spent cultivating relationships with cigar manufacturers has really paid off to their end consumer, because there has never been a time we’ve been on the BCP website and not seen some sort of combo deal or freebie being offered. Not only that, but they give away stuff like crazy without having to even place an order through their social media giveaways.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for great cigars you’ll be hard pressed to walk away from Best Cigar Prices empty handed – like seriously, I doubt you could walk away without finding either exactly what you wanted, if not more!

Cigar Selection Score: 5/5 Stars


Not only do they have an extensive selection of cigars, but they don’t gouge your eyes out to get them either. Best Cigar Prices has some of the absolute best prices and on cigars on a daily basis, I’m talking everyday pricing that beats out the other guys – and their sales and specials? Forget about it!

We have purposefully spent hours of our time comparing prices between multiple online retailers, and time after time, BCP takes the cake for best everyday prices. I mean come on, their name is Best Cigar Prices, that ought to be a clue right?

In addition to great prices, they don’t murder you on the shipping either – a simple $6.99 for the BCP Ship Saver shipping and you’re good to go – heck, a lot of times they have so many offers for free shipping that you’ll go for one thing, pick up the extra and get your shipping free anyway. But even if you don’t get a free shipping offer, its hard to complain about $6.99 shipping. Not to mention, its fast, which we’ll dive into below.

Pricing Score: 5/5 Stars

Shipping and Cigar Condition

As previously stated, BCP offers some pretty low cost shipping, and while many times the lowest cost means the slowest service, this isn’t the case with Best Cigar Prices. Take out most recent order into account – we ordered some deals on Cyber Monday, got notification same day that our order was being shipped, and had it in hand Wednesday afternoon. We’ve only had one other online retailer ship that fast – most times it takes several days before the order is even picked from the warehouse, let alone boxed and shipped! But here, BCP in the height of online shopping frenzy on Cyber Monday, received, picked, boxed and shipped our order in a single day – now that’s stellar service!

Not only was the turn around time and shipping incredibly fast, but the cigars we’re mint. There wasn’t a single stick that had any damage, they all felt ready to smoke right out of the box and the packaging was superb, ensuring the cigars arrived in the same outstanding condition as they left the warehouse.

With Best Cigar Prices, you can rest assured that the cigars you want are going to arrive in the best possible condition and that your money has been well spent. These guys actually care, and it shows in their deliver.

Shipping & Condition Score: 5/5 Stars

Customer Service

We haven’t had need to contact customer service for any problems yet, and likely never will, however the level of communication from Best Cigar Prices is something we can attest to being superb. You get the feeling that they actually care about you when you do communicate with them, whether its something as simple as a question about a product, or a compliment, they always get back to you and they do it pretty darn quick.

Additionally, BCP provides prompt email notifications of orders and shipments, and they are consistent with providing emails on new deals and offers when you subscribe to their email list.

Customer Service Score: 5/5 Stars


Overall, Best Cigar Prices is a one stop shop for all your cigar and cigar related needs. With an excellent website, outstanding selection, highly competitive prices and stellar shipping and customer service, Best Cigar Prices should be on everyone’s list of go to cigar retailers. Look at their history alone and you can tell that this was a company founded by and built by people who have a passion for cigars and care about their clients. You’ll be hard pressed to find a retailer better than BCP and if you haven’t experienced Best Cigar Prices for yourself you don’t know what you are missing. We’re on cloud nine over here for having found BCP and outside of a couple other retailers which we’ve reviewed previous, BCP has become our go to for cigars and accessories. Be sure to check out their impressive social media presence as well, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just tell them Cigar Informer sent ya, they know who we are.

In a Cigar Informer first, Best Cigar Prices has impressed us so much that they have received the first 5 out of 5 rating on retailer reviews! Visit Best Cigar Prices today!

Overall Score: 5/5 Stars

Disclaimer: Some of the links to online retailers provided within Cigar Informer articles and reviews may be affiliate links. Cigar Informer participates in affiliate programs with several online retailers – the purpose of which is to help support this website and provide funds for cigar and accessory purchases for review. 


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  1. JRN

    The price for my Churchills was unbeatable. On top of that, they threw in a 5-cigar sampler of Romeo y Julieta for just $1.99. I was nervous about the freshness, but when I received the order (only three days later), I was thrilled to see the cigars were carefully packed and humidor-fresh. First time there, but I will order again.

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