Canceled by Twitter
10 February 2021

So, the events and perils of 2020 notwithstanding, one of the nails in the coffin for Cigar Informer in 2020 was the completely unprovoked and unexplained suspension on Twitter. Cigar Informer relied on Twitter as our largest outlet for content sharing, and when Twitter decided to shut us off without warning or reason, it was literally equivalent to having our tongue cut out.

In the beginning of September 2020, we began using Hootsuite as a tool to help us schedule and post content across our social media platforms, making the task of social sharing easier for us in an attempt to get back to regular posting. Things worked great for a couple of days and then suddenly after about four days of successfully scheduling posts our account at Twitter was suddenly suspended. We immediately reached out to Twitter regarding the matter and heard nothing…it took Twitter a week to reply to our information request, and when they did reply, it was completely empty of explanation;

We typically suspend accounts for violations of the Twitter Rules ( or Terms of Service ( Additionally, repeat violations may result in permanent account suspension.



We replied to the email, confirming that we had access to the email account in question and demanding an explanation for the sudden account suspension, still to no avail.

Our account has not violated any of the published Twitter rules and our activity has not changed from our standard activity from the last couple years. An explanation for this suspension is required now.


The Cigar Informer Team

Eleven days after that reply, we still had heard nothing from Twitter, not even a reply to our request for review. We reached out to Twitter again, stating the facts;

It has been 11 days since we appealed the suspension of our Twitter account for Cigar Informer, and to date, we have received zero response from Twitter.

FACT: Twitter has not provided us justification under the Twitter terms of service as to why our account has been suspended.

FACT: Twitter has not provided us with any specific rule or guideline from the Twitter rules as to why our account has been suspended.

FACT: As previously stated, our account has not engaged in any activity which violates any of the Twitter terms of service, nor posted rules.

FACT: Additionally, our account has not engaged in any activity outside the normal activity which our account has engaged in since its creation.

For these reasons, we are demanding that our account for Cigar Informer be immediately restored. We have been beyond patient with Twitter regarding this issue. We expect a prompt reply.


The Cigar Informer Team

That request was sent 20 weeks ago now, 142 days ago to be precise – guess how many replies we’ve received from Twitter – zero. They have not even acknowledged our suspension, and haven’t acknowledged we appealed the suspension, much less provided a reason for the suspension. Has Cigar Informer become a victim of “Big Tech’s” cancel culture? And more importantly, why? Is it against Twitter rules to provide notifications of awesome cigar deals to our followers? Or to share articles of interest regarding cigar life with our followers? Because that is all we ever did with the account, share articles, deals and other users cigar content.

Looking at the events of the last several months we can see that Twitter has been one of the biggest instigators of the Big Tech cancel culture, literally silencing anyone who doesn’t match their liberal agenda. For small businesses this could literally be a death sentence, especially in a post-COVID world where online commerce has become so prevalent even for businesses which were traditionally brick and mortar. And where is the accountability on Twitters end for showing cause? Sure, they have terms of service and they have published rules for the platform, but then they suspend and cancel accounts with no explanation of the reason, only a link to said platform rules.

For goodness sake even with the communists and socialists trying to take over America you at least still get told a reason for being arrested, you’re presented with a charge and allowed to defend yourself – but in the case of Twitter it is literally a communist ruleset – you’re banned because you don’t align with the State of Twitter message.

All of these events, from the unexplained suspension of Cigar Informer, to the scores of public figures, elected officials, small businesses, and others that have been suspended by Twitter without cause or for bullshit liberal justifications, should be a huge warning to all of the world – Big Tech can silence you, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Reminiscent of the early 2001 movie “Antitrust” where a giant software company was literally silencing programmers, even killing them, to steal their code and prevent them from publishing open source which the company didn’t believe in.

So, when are the Twitter hit squads going to start showing up in the night to permanently silence anyone that stands against them?

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