The Weekend Encore is Here
14 August 2020

The Weekend Encore is live on the Cigar Page and they are serving up some fantastic deals for all lovers of the leaf including an amazing introductory deal from Graycliff which is sure to get your cigar smoking juices flowing.

Montecristo 10 Pack Sale

Right now, you can score 10 packs of Montecristo Monte Conde for only $35 shipped to your door. But that’s not all, scoop up some Monte Jacopo No. 2 for only $39.50 per 10 pack, or some Monte by AJ Fernandez for only $45 per 10 pack. With 32 different deals available right now from Montecristo there is sure to be something for everyone, but hurry, these deals are only good for the weekend. Get these deals now!

AJ Fernandez New World Box Sale

Well, it’s easy to say that in 2020 it is definitely a new world, but the New World we’re talking about is from AJ Fernandez and right now you can score savings of up to 51% off on AJ Fernandez New World boxes starting at only $51 shipped to your door! But that’s not all – score massive savings on Enclave, San Lotano, Belles Artes, La Gran Llave and so many more this weekend only!

The 5 Pack Bulk Sale

I got five on it….okay we’re not smokin’ indo here but whomever decided to make this next deal might have been a little faded – right now you can save, save, save with the 5 pack bulk sale! Pick a 5 pack and it’s $25 shipped – pick two and they’re only $22.50 each – pick four or more and you get ‘em for only $19.99 each shipped to your door. We’re talking A. Flores, AJ Fernandez, Alec Bradley, Camacho, CAO, Drew Estate, Espinosa, Graycliff, H. Upmann, La Gloria, Macanudo, Monte, Padilla, Partagas, Punch, Rocky, RyJ and so many more. All we can say is, put some smoke in the air!

Graycliff Nicaragua Intro Sale

JUST LANDED – the new Graycliff Nicaragua is available now at insane introductory pricing! Right now you can gobble up 20 cigar bundles of the new Graycliff Nicaragua starting at only $59.99 shipped to your door! Graycliff Nicaragua brings 2 distinct blends: Habano and Box-Pressed Maduro. Habano is medium in body, smooth as silk with excellent combustion, perfect draw, with hints of cedar and baked bread and the subtle spice keep it interesting down to the nub. The Box-Pressed Maduro is lovely – very squarely pressed, heavy in the hand, and featuring a dark and uber smooth vein-free wrapper that looks like a dark choco candy bar. Get it while it lasts at these prices!

PDR 1878 Monster Sale

Calling all Pinar del Rio 1878 fans – score savings of up to 76% off on 1878 bundles starting at only $29.99 shipped! PDR is a genuine premium made with aged tobaccos by a top Dominican factory and right now you can score unbelievable savings on the 1878 Capa Sun Grown and Capa Madura in toro size – what are you waiting for? Get this deal now!

Tools of the Trade Sale

Time for some new tools? We got you covered – with some of the top brands and products in the cigar business, and today they’re yours at hellaciously good prices. Fine humidors, humidification, cutters, lighters and more at insane savings of up to 80% off – get the gear you need without breaking the bank!

Cuban Cigar Factory Icons Sale

Cuban Cigar Factory cigars is a unique series of just two premium blends from a pair of industry legends: Benji Menendez & Manolo Quesada. The brainchild of Ventura Cigar Co, Cuban Cigar Factory was designed to pay homage to these Cuban-born icons and their decades of cigar making and right now you can score boxes of 20 of the Benji or the Manolo for only $59.99 shipped! Both blends hail from the Dominican Republic and carry a hefty $280 price tag in stores. But not here, not this weekend! Just be light on your feet cuz this party is over when inventory dries up! Get it now!

Oliva Serie V & Melanio Sale

The V and V Melanio blends are the Oliva family’s crown jewels. With ratings of 96 (V Melanio) and 94 (V), along with #1 Cigar of the Year honors tell the tale – and right now your can score 45% off these gems with boxes of 10 starting at only $49.99 shipped! But act fast, this sale is only good for the weekend and then these savings are flying home!

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