If you’re a pipe smoker then you should know about the Briar Report – The Pipe Smoking world’s premier source of news and information. We were recently introduced to these guys when we created our social media profiles for Cigar Informer and they were immediately friendly and helpful to the new guys on the block! Their website is a treasure trove of information related to the pipe smoking lifestyle, everything from news and events about pipes, tobacco, events and laws to postings from other pipe smoking enthusiasts across the web!

At the Briar Report you will also find an impressive listing of Pipe and Tobacco Shops, Societies and Clubs, Forums and Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube channels and Pipe Makers and Restoration services. They have truly created a master portal to the pipe smoking world. So, if you’re a pipe smoker, whether casual or dedicated, you could benefit from checking out the Briar Report today and make use of the plethora of resources they have made available.

You can find the Briar Report online at http://www.briarreport.com/ and you can follow them on Twitter @BriarReport