The “Escasos” are a limited edition production, entrusted to the El Rey de los Habanos factory, located in Miami. This line was introduced two years ago and all cigars have a special sizes. Later, Pete Johnson decided to add the six original sizes belonging to the Selección de Cazador, also known as “the Brown Label” to this series. The difference lies in the wrapper leaf. In fact, the Escasos are dressed with a Havana Rosado Claro leaf grown in Ecuador.

Tatuaje Escasos H

The cigars are rolled in a Colorado shaded wrapper, which is silky smooth to the touch. Construction is excellent and the two thin bands give more visibility to the splendid craftsmanship.

  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Size: 43 x 162 mm (6.4″)
  • Wrapper: Ecuador Rosado Habano Claro
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Price: $12 | €-

Tatuaje Escasos H

Tatuaje Escasos H: the cold draw reveals hints of wood and nuts. The opening brings notes of black pepper and cocoa to the palate.

Tatuaje Escasos H

Further into the first third, it releases notes of spices (black pepper stands out) and nuts, a mix of hazelnut and almond. The smoke is thick, almost chewable. Moving forward, the flavor profile is enriched with spices, including cinnamon. Strength is slightly above meidum (3.5/5).

In the second third, the spicy component is particularly pronounced, with notes of black pepper, cinnamon and hot spices. Wood and an intense aroma of milk chocolate are also perceptible. Strength grows, reaching the medium – full level (4/5).

In the final part, the cigar develops notes of wood, wood resin and the omnipresent spicy component (black pepper now). The strength remains constant (4/5) and the cigar does not unravel even in the last puffs, underlining an exceptional balance.

Overall, the Tatuaje Escasos H releases a smoke with a pronounced complexity. It is intense and has a major evolution. The profile is made up of a very broad range of spices. Balance is exceptional.

Rating: 93

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