JR CIGARS - The World's Largest Online Cigar StoreSo I have to take a moment to send a shout out to JR Cigars due to a recent interaction that I had with them involving their Beat the Dealer App – now first off, if you don’t know what the Beat the Dealer app is then head over to JR Cigars now and check it out – the basic breakdown, you play cards against the dealer, each is dealt 5 cards and you basically play war, dealer draws a card then you draw a card hoping to have a higher card then the dealer – have the high card for all 5 cards and you win the cigar pack put up as the prize for only $1 (it used to be free, but complications from those jerk face snot nose bureaucrats at the FDA put a halt to that). Now every day you log in you get two tokens, and each game cost one token, but you can also earn tokens by certain items they have listed, doing reviews, etc., and you can stack up your tokens to save your chances to play for a day you see something you really want. Now, they have recently released a website version of the Beat the Dealer game which is now a slot machine setup, and you can win additional tokens for play, coupons for savings on orders at JR’s website, or the prize of the day. In the website app you spin the slots and if you get all 5 bands of the cigar that is the prize, you win!

Well, back to the reason I have to shout out to JR’s – on the 30th of August I was playing the new website version of the game, I had about 74 tokens saved up and had hit free tokens more than a few times during play, which was great – then I hit a $10 off coupon, which was awesome, and within a few minutes I had the coupon code in my email, all was good. Now I am down to only about 18 tokens left and I have had several near wins for the cigar pack of the day, which was a 5 pack of the Caldwell Midnight Express pirimades – I really wanted to win this pack, so I kept playing and finally when I am down to a mere 4 tokens left I hit all 5 Caldwell labels – whoooohoooo! But nothing happened – I wasn’t forwarded to a screen to process my order, no emails came through with instructions on how to claim my prize – nothing. I’m sitting there staring at my phone screen for about five minutes, waiting, but to no end.

Well this is BS, I thought to myself, I finally win, but I didn’t win. Needless to say I was more than a little frustrated with this and especially considering I had just depleted almost my entire token stockpile to win this 5 pack and I actually hit the winning reel and nothing happened. So, I took a screenshot of my phone screen and decided to contact JR support to see if they could do anything about it. I sent the email, with the screen shot showing my winning spin attached, and then waited…and waited…and waited. No reply. Hmmm. So I sent a follow up email, thinking maybe it would get the issue back up in front of someone, I mean hey, I deal with hundreds of emails a day myself, I know how easy it is to accidentally forget about one email when you have a hundred others to deal with. But again, no reply. After a couple days had passed I finally came to the conclusion that I was just out of luck and by Sunday morning was thinking I had better just buy the damn 5 pack before they sold out, but then that afternoon as I returned home from church I checked my phone and sure enough I had an email reply from JR Cigars support;

I thank you for contacting us in regards to this matter – kindly call in your order and an operator will be more than happy to assist you with placing your order for $1 for winning Beat the Dealer. I hope this information is of use to you and thank you for reaching out to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any future questions or comments you may have. I wish you and yours a wonderful rest of your week.

JR Cigars

How awesome is that? I had given up hope on having the issue with the app resolved and then, on a Sunday of all the days, I get the reply that made my day! So, I just wanted to send a shout out to JR Cigars, and to Meredith over in the support department, for replying to the issue I had and for providing a resolution. I think it goes a long way in showing how much you value your customers when they bring an issue to your attention and rather than just letting it go you go above and beyond to rectify the issue. I mean this was a website error of all things, they could have told me I was outta luck and encouraged me to try again, but they didn’t, they honored the deal, and that’s pretty stand up in my book! So, kudos to JR Cigars, and I look forward to cashing in the coupon soon too – we need some more cigars to review over here at Cigar Informer!

If you’re not a customer of JR Cigars I encourage you to take a look at the deals they have – every time I go to their website there is some sort of deal (at least one, generally many) that is going on, everything from sales to freebies to free shipping deals, there is always a way to save money at JR’s and they have a huge selection of premium cigars to choose from – so check ‘um out!