Partagas Coronas Especiales is a Cuban cigar that often goes unnoticed, as the brand offers many other products of a similar size and smoking time, that are far more famous than this one.

Having said that, we are in front of a cigar that has a remarkable history, which has roots going further back then the Cuban revolution, even if previously (until 2002), it was produced by machine and its size was slightly different from today.

Partagas Coronas Especiales

The Coronas Especiales is dressed in a Colorado shaded wrapper leaf, that is rough to the touch. They do not boast the best constuction offered in Cuba. Some cigars showcase wrinkled wrappers and the filling, in more than one example, is not particularly generous.

  • Country of Origin: Cuba
  • Size: 42 x 132 mm (5.25″)
  • Wrapper: Cuba
  • Binder: Cuba
  • Filler: Cuba
  • Price: $ – | € 5.5

Partagas Coronas Especiales

Partagas Coronas Especiales: the cold draw reveals earthy notes, followed by a mix of vegetal aromas and green pepper at the start of the smoke.

Partagas Coronas Especiales

The first third releases notes of leather and earth. The intensity is good. Strength is slightly above medium (3.5/5).

There are no major changes in the second third, it proceeds on the same flavor profile, to which notes of black pepper are added . Strength remains constant (3.5/5).

The final third confirms flavors and strength, which do not show any variation until the end of the smoke.

Overall, the Partagas Coronas Especiales is a moderate smoke, with a straightforward flavor profile, although not particularly evolutionary or broad. A rustic cigar.

Rating: 84

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