The origins of this cigar date back to 2016, when it was launched to commemorate José Padron’s 89th birthday. However, recently it has been relaunched as an exclusive edition for the TAA (Tobacco Association of America). This means that it is marketed only in the United States.

The band looks different than what usually seen on a Padron cigar, as the one used is black and the cigar is easily recognizable.

Padron TAA No.89 Maduro

Aesthetically, the cigar is dressed in a Maduro shaded wrapper leaf, which is very rustic to the touch. Contrary to what usually happens to most  Padron (Damaso line excluded), the cigar is not box pressed.

  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Size: 46 x 152 mm (6″)
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Price: $16.5 | € –

Padron TAA No.89 Maduro

Padron TAA No.89 Maduro: the cold draw reveals hints of wood varnish. The opening reveals seasoned wood.

Padron TAA No.89 Maduro

The first third alternates notes of wood, cocoa and earth, supported by a veiled spiciness in the background. Strength is slightly above medium (3.5/5).

In the central part, the flavor profile is unchanged and there are no major variations. Only the spicy component becomes more intense. Strength grows, reaching a medium – full level (4/5).

In the final third, the spicy component becomes even more pronounced, culminating with hot spices. The earth is still present, but is now joined by leather and nuts, where the walnut stands out. Strength grows to a full bodied level (5/5).

Overall, the Padron TAA No.89 Maduro gives off an intense and rich smoke. The finish is remarkable and end of the smoke is particularly satisfying. The only drawback is the second third, which is less performing than the other two, as there is no particular evolution happening. It is however a detail, as the cigar gives off an excellent smoke.

Rating: 91

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