Noah’s Mill is a small batch bourbon, which means that it is not produced in large volumes and consequently it is not always easy to find. On the market there are both the 75 cl bottle (as in the image) and the 70 cl bottle.

This bourbon is made from whiskeys that have been aged between 4 and 20 years.

  • ABV: 57,2%
  • Cask: American oak
  • Age: not declared
  • No. of bottles: not declared
  • Price: $ 50 – $ 100
  • Availability: low

Noah's Mill



A profusion of cherry with spirit, wood and vanilla notes are enriched with cocoa and floral aromas. There is also a spiced touch. Very well performing to the nose, it is rich.


Cherries with spirits and vanilla are confirmed. Then white pepper and candied fruit, along with a touch of citrus, where cedar and orange peel are the main protagonist. To complete its sweet bouquet, caramel also reaches the palate.


Long persistence, with notes of white pepper, vanilla and cedar peel. Sweet and intense.

Overall, the Noah’s Mill has an intense, satisfying and explosive flavor profile, also due to its high alcohol content. It is a well structured whiskey, delivering rich aromas.

Rating: 89

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