The Fratello Sorella is sold in a sampler pack made of 4 cigars: Fratello Arlequin, Fratello Bianco II, Fratello Classico Toro and this Fratello Sorella. All the cigars are Toro.

In the specific case of “Sorella”, this is a kind of word pun, due to the fact that “Fratello” means brother and “Sorella” means sister in Italian language. This cigar is made at the Joya de Nicaragua factory, in Nicaragua.


Cigars are dressed up in a colorado shade wrapper, particulary rough to the touch. Construction is good and no defects can be detected.

  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Size: 50 x 152 mm (6″)
  • Wrapper: Ecuador 
  • Binder: Indonesia
  • Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Rep.
  • Price: $6.5 | € –


Fratello Sorella: the cold draw reveals rich scents of earth. First puffs brings to the palate spices and vegetal notes. 


The first third delivers notes of earth, cellulosa and spices (mainly black pepper), with the latter in the background. Strength is a little above the medium (3.5/5).

The middle section delivers cellulose and seasoned wood. The is also a roasted aroma. Spices are still well present in the background and the aftertaste has a medium long persistence. Strength doesn’t change (3.5/5).

In the last part of the smoke, the aromatic profile doesn’t change that much. Wood is confirmed, as well as the roasted notes. Spices remains in the background, together with a touch of earth. Strength is still a little above the medium (3.5/5).

Overall, the Fratello Sorella delivers a balanced smoke. Flavor profile is not much ample, nor the evolution is that much notiaciable. However, construction is great and harmony is great.

Valutazione: 87

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