You’ll be stuck between a Rocky and a hard place when you try to decide what mazo’s to snag up in this Rocky Patel Vintage Meltdown sale going on now. Choose from Vintage 1990, 1992, 1999, 2003, even some Sun Grown, Twentieth Anniversary, and more at crazy savings of up to 64% off mazo’s of 20 – and it all ships free!

Price-wise these 90+ rated classics are sphincter-tighteningly pricey at normal retail prices. Shop it around and see for yourself. And these aren’t little sticks – all bundles are toro or larger, and starting at only $79.99 shipped!

Don’t dilly-dally on this one, this sale ends Wednesday the 9th of September! Get your butt over to the Cigar Page now and stock up on these premium Rocky’s while it lasts!

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