Deal Alert: Graycliff Chosen One Sampler
15 August 2018

Graycliff Chosen One Cigar SamplersDeal Alert! This just in, get the Graycliff Chosen One Sampler of 35 cigars for only $119.99 – Each one of these thirty-five handmades is a treat for the senses, delivering an intoxicating cocktail of some of the industry’s finest, aged tobaccos. Plus, this monstrous assortment of cigars allows you to save nearly $500 off MSRP, instantly. The Graycliff Chosen One includes:
5 – Graycliff 10-Year Vintage Maduro PG (5.2” x 50)
5 – Graycliff Profesionale Series Pirate (6” x 52)
5 – Graycliff Original Pirate (6” x 52)
5 – Graycliff G2 Maduro Pirate (6” x 52)
5 – Graycliff 30-Year Vintage Pirate (6” x 52)
5 – Graycliff G2 Habano PGXL (6” x 60)}
5 – Graycliff Turbo Edicion Limitada PGXL (6” x 60)

35 Graycliff cigars, with a walloping 80% savings – only available for a limited time at Cigars International so get it now!

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