Deal Alert: $30 Tenskie Lineup
21 May 2020

Scoring premium handmade cigars for under $5 a stick is quickly becoming a distant memory, but right now you can count yourself lucky as we have six – yes, six different premium cigar ten packs priced out at only $30 per bundle and shipped for free.

Let’s start with the AJ Fernandez New World Cameroon – Hailing from Nicaragua with a premium blend of handmade, Nicaraguan long fillers and binder, all blanketed in a Cameroon wrapper. Perfectly balanced with both sweet and spicy notes and with a medium to full body, this flavor bomb can be had for only $29.99 per ten pack in the Toro 6×50 size – shipped free!

Get AJ Fernandez New World Cameroon Tenskie

Next up we have the Gurkha Rogue Ruthless – A 90-rated underground favorite box-pressed featuring a smooth, darkish Habano-seed Ecuadorian wrapper and multi-country blend of Nica/Hondo/Dominican ligero fillers. Medium to full in body, with a bountiful flavor mix of spice, rich tobacco, nuts, and toasty sweetness. Yours right now for only $29.99 per ten pack of Toro 6×54 size shipped to your door!

Get Gurkha Rogue Ruthless Tenskie

Coming in at number three we have the Espinosa Crema No. 4 – As the name suggests, this cigar is loaded with creamy goodness. This goodness is brought to you by a tantalizingly creamy Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that drapes over a blend of Nicaraguan fillers and binder. Delicious with notes of cedar, hay, baked bread, and, of course, creaminess dominate the flavor profile. Mild to medium in body, this creamy sensation can be yours for only $29.99 per ten pack of Robusto 5.5×52 size, and shipped for free!

Get Espinosa Crema No. 4 Tenskie

Next up a classic, the Helix X550 Natural – A premium yet gentile smoke made for everyone. Hailing from Honduras with fillers comprised of a premium blend of tobaccos from 4 different countries: Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Mexico with a Mexican binder and a Connecticut shade wrapper. Well-balanced, gentile, handmade, and very relaxing. Mild bodied and ready to be yours at only $29.99 per ten pack of Robusto 5×50 size and shipped for nothing!

Get Helix X550 Natural Tenskie

Known to be bold in all that they do, next up we have the Camacho Scorpion Sun Grown – A handmade classic that is rich and sweet from start to finish. Hailing from Honduras with a premium blend of handmade Nicaraguan and Honduran long fillers with a Nicaraguan binder. Outside rests a perfectly golden-brown, oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Full flavor profile with sweetness and black pepper spice on the palate. Medium to full bodied and yours for only $29.99 per ten pack of Robusto 5×50 size and shipped for free!

Get Camacho Scorpion Sun Grown Tenskie

Finally in our lineup, we have the 601 Red Label Habano – Featuring an aromatic blend of Nicaraguan long filler hiden under an oily Corojo wrapper. Complex throughout with a smooth finish. Spicy with pepper on the exhale. Full bodied and ready for your humidor for only $29.99 per ten pack of Robusto 5×50 size and shipped for zilch!

Get 601 Red Label Habano Tenskie

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