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15 September 2022

We’ve been a little distant the last couple years, with 2020 being a giant sinkhole of a year; between quarantine, friends and family getting sick, even some deaths of friends and co-workers; 2021 saw the continued lockdowns and COVID hysteria,  the “attack at the Capital” and all the crap that has followed it, now 2022 with the lockdowns behind us, but introducing the war in Ukraine, the constant humility of our President, the controversy surrounding President Trump, and most recently the death of the Queen; we just weren’t in the right state of mind to continue searching for deals, writing content, researching new cigar shops and so forth. But it’s coming up on a new year soon, we’ve weathered just about everything that could be thrown at us and we’re still standing…so it’s time to get back to business and stop allowing the woes of the world to screw with our enjoyment of cigar smoking, regardless of whether we’re allowed to be social in doing so, or not.

First on the list, we’re bringing back our daily deals and steals postings, where we scour the web looking for the best deals on cigars and bring them to you in an easy-to-read list picking only the deals you want. Basically, we do the hard work for you and you get to be the cigar hero getting the best deals in the least amount of time, imagine that. Be sure to accept our notifications on the website to make sure that you get notified when we post new articles and don’t miss out on the deals we find, because some of them are limited time only offers – you snooze you lose. These deals will be posted on the home page, and we have put together a dedicated Cigar Deals page that you can bookmark as well.

Just a heads up, we’ve recently been contacted by one of the largest online cigar retailers about getting exclusive cigar deals only available through Cigar Informer, so you might want to bookmark that Cigar Deals page sooner rather than later.

Next, we’re launching several new article series to broaden our scope beyond just awesome cigar deals and really start getting into all those aspects that come with the cigar lifestyle. Our new dedicated series of articles will be including the following;

Monday Munchies

Every Monday we’re going to be spotlighting a culinary treat, featuring the recipe, our review of the meal, as well as some great drink and cigar pairing ideas for during and after the meal.

Tip Tuesdays

Tuesdays will feature new tips and tricks, covering everything from cigars, humidor maintenance, tool upkeep, to tips about drinks, travel, shopping, you name it – every week a new tip relating to something within the cigar lifestyle, aimed at helping you.


Yeah, that’s not a typo, every Wednesday we are going to be publishing a wine review, making Wednesdays the office Winesday. We started wine reviews with a couple of bottles early last year. Well, they’re back, and we have amassed a collection of wines from multiple sources which we are going to be tasting, reviewing and offering cigar and food pairing suggestions for. Plus, we’ll include links to where you can get the wines we review so you don’t have to hunt the web for something that piques your interest.

Throw Back Thursdays

Yes, we’re going there, another cliché title, but hell, we’ve got a massive number of cigars with some serious age on them, so every Thursday we will be pulling an aged puro from the Cigar Informer collection and sparking it up – we’re talking cigars with 4 plus years of age on them, some of them nearing 10 to 12 years of aging in the humidors, including some sticks that you can’t even find any longer.

The Weekend Cocktail

It’s Friday, which means it is time to wind down and enjoy a cocktail and a cigar to usher in the weekend. Every Friday we will be featuring a new cocktail, including the recipe to make it, the history of the cocktail, and our general opinion of it.

The Weekend Review

You know we can’t do just one cigar review every week, hell I would do a review every day if my scheduled permitted the time of all that extra writing! The weekend review will feature a new cigar every Saturday which will include some tried and true favorites, new on the market, and maybe even some things you’ve never heard of. As always, the cigars we review will also include links to the best deals we’ve found on the web so you can get some yourself!

All Praise to Him

Yes, we’re going there! We are Christian and have no guilt for proclaiming it to the world, and now, every Sunday we will be publishing an article providing a layman’s Bible lesson, our views and take on the lesson, and even what parallels we can make with current events. It’s the Cigar Informer weekly Bible study – good cigars, great coffee, and the Word of God.

Throughout the week we will also be including cigar and industry news as it becomes available to us, limited time deals on cigars, accessories or other cigar lifestyle related items as well as our retailer reviews, special deal finds, things we love and more. We are also looking at doing some profiles of some of the smaller boutique cigar brands, cigar shop owners and personalities, so stay tuned for that as well.

Other things we have in the works is a YouTube channel where we will be doing video reviews on cigars and accessories, as well as video content for our article series. We’re looking at hosing our first event in 2023 which would be in Central Virginia. Details are still being ironed out, but we will be sure to update you all when this happens.

We look forward to 2023 and we hope you all will join us. Twitter be damned with their ‘cancel culture’ bologna, we’ve ended up creating a new account so be sure to re-follow us on Twitter. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well, and of course the quickest way to stay up to date is to allow notifications through our website, your get a notification every time new content posts.

As always, stay smoky friends!

Disclaimer: Some of the links to online retailers provided within Cigar Informer articles and reviews may be affiliate links. Cigar Informer participates in affiliate programs with several online retailers – the purpose of which is to help support this website and provide funds for cigar and accessory purchases for review.



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