During 2018 CAO celebrated 25 years in the business and to celebrate the anniversary it released the Zócalo. The cigar comes in a single format (Double Toro) and distributed in just 3500 boxes of twenty cigars each. The Zócalo is also the first CAO cigar to uses a San Andres (Mexico) wrapper.

CAO Zocalo

Visually, the cigar is rolled in a bright Maduro shaded wrapper. It is quite smooth to the touch, with medium evident veins. The filling is even and the draw is good. The overall construction is more than good.

  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua (STG Estelì)
  • Size: 60 x 152 mm (6″)
  • Wrapper: San Andres (Mexico)
  • Binder: Cameroon
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Price: $ 9 | € –

CAO Zocalo

CAO Zócalo: unlit, it reveals well-structured notes of cocoa, hazelnut and honey.

CAO Zocalo

Once lit, the sapidity dominates. Flavor-wise, the cigar expresses notes of coffee, wood and walnut. Strength is medium – light (2/5).

Continuing, the sapidity remains unchanged. Notes of wood, earth and spicy characters appear, all of equal intensity. Strength remains unchanged (2/5).

The last third is a long continuation of the second third. Only the strength increases slightly (3/5).

In conclusion, this CAO Zócalo is a pleasant, balanced but somewhat simple smoke, in regards to the flavors. The evolution, although contained, is appreciable. If the same blend had been used on a smaller size than a 6×60, it would probably have left a more memorable mark.

Rating: 86

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