CAO Consigliere Sleeps with ‘da Fishes
23 April 2020

Right now, you can get a bundle of 25 CAO Consigliere Associates (robusto size) for only $67.50 shipped to your door – an amazing 66% off.

The same blend as the famed CAO Sopranos, just rebranded after the licensing deal with HBO expired. The CAO Consigliere is a robust cigar, with a medium to full profile presented by the Nicaraguan, Columbian and Dominican long filler tobaccos and Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. Serving up super smooth flavors of earth, nuts, leather and cinnamon, the CAO Consigliere is a flavor bomb waiting for a match.

Get you hands on this insane deal now, while it lasts, because once the clock runs out on this deal – fuggedaboutit!

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