Best Cigar Prices Remains a Class Act
25 March 2022

I received a deal email from Best Cigar Prices (BCP) the other day for the new Fratello Camo sampler that caught my attention and found me on the site adding the sampler to my cart. Of course, cigar websites are kryptonite for me, I can’t go and order just one thing, and I end up spending about an hour or longer looking at all the different selections, checking out what’s new and trying to find amazing deals.

Having not tried a lot of the Fratello lineup, I did end up adding another sampler to my cart, a Fratello Fresh Pack 5 cigar sampler for a dirt cheap $17.99 – trying new cigars for less than $4/stick is a win in my book. Soon I found myself on the sales pages, one of my favorite places to be on any cigar website, and I noticed the Kafie 5th Year Anniversary Sampler for an unheard of $4.99 – well, knowing damn well that Kafie cigars are not the cheapest sticks on the market, and being a cigar deal hound, I quickly added four of the samplers to my order and decided to check out! And I was pumped too, I had just scored over two boxes worth of cigars for a measly $63, literally coming in at $1.50/stick, and it included mostly all new to me cigars!

Well, yesterday I got an email from BCP, and apparently that insane sales price on the Kafie anniversary sampler was a typo – this price was supposed to be about 10-times what I paid. But rather than canceling my order, or removing those items from my order, BCP offered to honor the price on two of the samplers! Here’s the information from the email;

The sale we had going on for the Kafie 5th Year Anniversary 7 Cigar Sampler (6 x 50-Box – 7 Total Cigars) which we offered for $4.99, was unfortunately incorrect. The correct sale price should have been $44.99. For the inconvenience, we will absolutely honor two of those samplers at the $4.99 cost.

Now that is customer service and is the reason why BCP received a 5-star review from us back in 2018 and continues to maintain that 5-star rating to this day. I deal in ecommerce, I sell online, and I can tell you that sometimes we make mistakes and products are discounted heavily. When we don’t catch those mistakes, the effect on the bottom line is significant. I can’t guarantee that I was the only person to order the Kafie sampler at the erroneous price (and I likely wasn’t), but for BCP to honor the price, even for just one of the samplers, is a testament to their commitment to the customer – I mean they basically gave these away!

If you haven’t experienced the Best Cigar Prices experience for yourself, I encourage you to check them out. Huge selection, amazing prices, unbeatable customer service and just tons of freebies and discounts makes them one of my favorite cigar retailers, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

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