Asylum 13 99 Problems is a cigar produced in Danlì, Honuras, at the “El Aladino” factory. The name of these cigars is due to a mathematical calculation, or how many of these Lancero can be inserted in a box of Asylum 13 Ogre (an 8×80, the complete opposite size compared to the Lancero).

Asylum 13 99 Problems

Aesthetically, they are rolled in a Maduro shaded wrapper leaf. The filling is uniform, but in quite a few examples we have found aesthetic defects on the wrapper leaf. The head is finished in a pigtail, and the curl is then wound on itself.

  • Country of Origin: Honduras
  • Size: 38 x 178 mm (7″)
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Price: $ 7.5 | € 11

Asylum 13 99 Problems

Asylum 13 99 Problems: earthy hints in the cold draw give way to peppery notes once the cigar is lit.

Asylum 13 99 Problems

The first third of the smoke revolves around earthy notes, black pepper and nuts, where the walnut stands out. Strength is slightly below medium (2.5/5).

The second third undergoes a small involution in terms of flavor profile. Now the earth and spices alternate (black pepper is confirmed). Strength increases slightly, just enough to reach the medium level (3/5).

You have to wait for the last third of the smoke to taste a change in the flavor profile. The earth remains present, as well as the spices, even if these are less pronounced. A toasted component becomes perceptible in the background. Strength remains constant (3/5).

Overall, the Asylum 13 99 Problems releases a smoke with good balance. The flavor profile, however, is somewhat contained, as is the evolution, which is kind of a flaw in this type of sizes.

Rating: 85

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