Accessory Review: Newport Zero Double Flame Cigar Lighter
4 September 2018

We recently acquired three of the refillable pocket size cigar lighter offerings from Newport Zero Butane – a supplier of premium, top-quality butane products, cigar accessories and butane canisters, specializing in butane torches, butane lighters, burners and more. Over this holiday weekend we had ample opportunity to sit down and review one of the three lighters, the Double Flame Pocket Torch Lighter. 

Newport Zero Butane – 300ml can

Paired with the lighter we are using Newport Zero’s own Newport Zero Butane, which is a popular butane in Europe and now available in the U.S. and which contains nearly zero impurities. We filled all of the lighters we got from Newport with their butane offering and have refilled several of the lighters we currently owned with Newport butane and are actually quite pleased with the performance. None of the lighters we received from Newport, nor any of the lighters we filled with Newport butane have experienced any burn issues, sputtering, poor flame or any other of the common problems associated with a cheap butane fuel. We have used several brands of butane in the past, but after trying Newport butane it has become the official lighter fuel for our torch lighters.

Newport Zero Double Flame Pocket Torch

Now on to the double flame pocket cigar torch – a lighter that I can say impressed from the moment we took it out of the box. The lighter retails through Newport’s website for $25, and for the quality of the lighter you would assume it retails for much more. If you have been shopping for cigar lighters recently you will notice on all the major retailer websites that a $25 lighter is generally mostly plastic, has a flimsy torch cap, has an exposed trigger, and so forth – not the case with this torch – with the exception of the flame adjuster and the stylized grip notches, this entire lighter is metal construction!

The lighter cap is firm when opened, no wobbles or looseness to the cap when you open and close the lighter, additionally the cap protects both the flame port and the torch trigger, assuring that debris doesn’t get into your jets and that your lighter trigger isn’t accidentally engaged while traveling. The lighter also features a built in cigar punch at the bottom front, which slides out and locks into place, providing your cutting and lighting tool in one convenient package.

To top off ease of use, this lighter features a readily available and easy to use flame adjustment at the bottom rear of the torch – no tools required, simply turn the big dial either positive or negative to adjust your flame – it’s that simple. Something as trivial as a flame adjustment might not seem important, but let me tell you there is nothing worse than needing to adjust the flame on your torch and you don’t have an itty-bitty screw driver laying around – I mean come on, the tip of the pocket knife won’t even fit into most screw adjustments on a torch – so this is a pretty awesome feature in my opinion.

Now that we’ve covered the aesthetics, how does it perform? I mean who cares if it looks pretty and is solidly constructed if it doesn’t work worth a hoot – am I right? Well, have no fear, because the performance of this lighter is spot on – I am talking instant ignition, on the first click, every time. I’ve had $40+ lighters which I couldn’t say that about! And not only instant ignition, but a clean and steady burn too – lighting a cigar with this lighter was a cinch.

So, now that we’ve covered all the awesome things about this lighter, what are the cons? Well, there’s only one that stands out for me and that is the lack of a viewing window to see how much butane is remaining in the lighter. Obviously one of the benefits of those other, cheaper quality lighters made of plastic is that they usually are translucent allowing you to see how much fuel remains, and in some of the higher priced lighters of the same quality as this Newport Zero double flame torch, they have a little viewing window allowing the user to get a visual check of how low the fuel is getting. With this lighter it will be a gamble of when your fuel runs out, so make sure you have your can of butane handy or make sure you give it a top off before heading out for a weekend herf! Other than that one drawback, this lighter is perfect.

So, where does the Newport Zero Double Flame Torch belong in your cigar tool belt? If you’re a smoker of robusto and toro size cigars then this one is perfect, the flame isn’t so intense as to cause scorching on the wrapper around the cigars, and it provides enough coverage to light that premium smoke up fast and easy. This lighter is pocket sized and would easily fit in the open space of your travel humidor and it’s full metal construction makes it tough enough to throw in your pocket and not worry about breaking. All around, for a quality torch that is reliable and well constructed you can’t go wrong with this torch, and as such, Cigar Informer gives the Newport Zero Double Flame Torch a good buy rating.

The photos in the gallery below are of the lighter we have used for this review, which is the black option on the Newport website. You can get the Double Flame Torch for only $25 and a giant 300ml can of Newport Zero butane is only $11.99 – that’s less than $40 for a giant can of fuel and a quality lighter that will last you years – don’t get a deal that good very often.

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