A Look at London Love Air Sanitizer
6 October 2018

As cigar or pipe smokers we love our smoke, and we don’t mind the smell of our smoke or the room aroma it leaves behind, frankly I love the smell of a cigar lounge, walking in and smelling all the different cigars mingling together, ahhh, for me, and many cigar smokers, that’s a welcoming smell. However, there are those among us that don’t appreciate that smell and unfortunately this generally results in us lovers of the leaf being forced to smoke outside – which seriously puts a hamper on activities like watching the game, or relaxing in our favorite arm chair with a couple fingers of bourbon and a good book while we smoke – and in the winter months, forget it, being forced to smoke outdoors makes the pleasurable cigar experience almost nonexistent.

Is there a solution? A happy medium which would allow us to enjoy our premium smokes in doors, protected from the elements and in our comfort zones? Well, there are plenty of products on the market which claim to provide this solution – in the form of smoker’s candles, smokeless ashtrays, air fresheners, air filters and so forth. It just so happens that we were recently provided with one of the products, the London Love Air Sanitizer from Newport Zero.

Now if you’ve been following us for long you know that we have quite a few of the Newport Zero lighters and have found them of top quality – so when the opportunity to try their air sanitizer product came about we were just tickled pink – maybe we could finally sit around and enjoy our cigars in the house without having my wife threatening to drag the humidors to the yard and set fire to them – so last night as the wife was away I tested the London Love Air Sanitizer to see how well it worked – you see the wife was away running errands and shopping and all those other activities which make me cringe when I check the bank account later – so I pulled a stogie from the humidor and lit up, right in the living room as she wasn’t there to give me the stink eye and the famous “are you going to smoke that in here” comments.

By the time I finished that CAO the living room had the beautiful aroma of cigar lounge – ahhh – so now was the time to try out the London Love and see if I could cover up my indoor cigar smoking session before the wife returned home – so I cleaned up the ashtray, discarded the nub, put away the lighters and cutters and proceeded to walk around the room and spray the air sanitizer – the scent we have is the Ocean Splash which has a very nice fresh smell about it, with hints of floral maybe a little vanilla and a very clean smell – its very powerful and with a few quick sprays around the room I was smelling Ocean Splash and not CAO Columbia – but the real test would be when the wife got home.

It was about thirty minutes later my wife returned home and upon walking through the door she made the comment “mmm, it smells good in here, did we get a new candle?” – VICTORY! The London Love had successfully made my previous cigar smoking adventure covert – of course I fessed up to the deed when I told her that it was actually a new air freshener and then proceeded to explain why I had used it. Now, I’m sure that this product won’t fix the issue of being able to smoke while others are around who don’t like the smell of cigar smoke, however, if you’re looking for a way to freshen up your indoor smoking area after the fact then I personally would suggest the London Love Air Sanitizer, and I am anxious to try out the other three scents available to see how they compare to the Ocean Splash.

Now that we’ve discussed my experience with the product, lets take a look at the particulars from the manufacturer. Personally I had never heard of London Love before being introduced to Newport Zero with their butane and lighter products – the product itself is made in the UK and comes in convenient 5 ounce spray cans which are compact enough to drop in your go bag or stash in your end table drawer – there are currently four scents available, Ocean Splash, Vanilla, Cranberry and Anti-Tobacco. Currently, as best as we can tell, these are sold in a four pack which includes one of each scent – we haven’t been able to find them individually, nor in larger sizes, but hopefully this is something the folks over at Newport look into providing in the future (hint, hint) 😊

According to the information on the can London Love is more than just an air freshener but is an air sanitizer as it destroys odors in the air and kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and converts smoke particles into clean, fresh air. It eliminates smoke and offensive odors rather than just masking them as many other fragrance products do. Additionally, it is stated that London Love is clinically proven to achieve the stated results. I don’t know about clinical analysis or whether the germs in the air died when I used the London Love, but what I can attest to is it cleared out a living room full of hanging cigar smoke pretty quick, changing the smell of my house from cigar lounge to spa pretty darn quick.

You can buy the London Love Air Sanitizer from Newport Zero – it retails for $15.99 for the four pack. I am hoping that they start offering at the least single bottles available for sale, and maybe we might convince them to up the bottle size while they’re at it, but I know we will be putting in an order for more of the London Love Air Sanitizer soon. By doing what it claims to do, smelling great while doing it and being at a good price point too, we give London Love Air Sanitizer a good buy rating. If you pick some up tell ‘um Cigar Informer sent ya!

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